Deploying an OS from installation media

Local deployment

For local deployments, be sure to have:

  • Installation media (USB or DVD)
  • The latest SPP
Remote deployment

For remote deployments, be sure to have:

  • Server iLO IP address or domain name
  • Access to the iLO web interface
  • Virtual installation media mounted in the iLO Integrated Remote Console
  • The latest SPP
  1. Verify that the OS is supported:
  2. Insert the installation media.
    On remote deployments, use the iLO remote console to mount the image to a virtual drive. From the iLO Integrated Remote Console window, click Virtual Drives and then select how to mount the media.
  3. Power up the server.
    The iLO virtual power button can also power up the server through the iLO web interface or remote console.
  4. Deploy the OS.
    To boot the server from the installation media, press F11 at the boot screen, and then select the boot device.
  5. After the OS is installed, update the drivers.