Systems Insight Display LEDs

The Systems Insight Display LEDs represent the system board layout. The display enables diagnosis with the access panel installed.

Systems Insight Display LEDs
Item Description Status
1 Power supplies

Off = Normal

Solid amber = Power subsystem degraded, power supply failure, or input power lost.

2 NIC link/activity

Off = No link to network. If the power is off, view the rear panel RJ-45 LEDs for status.

Flashing green = Network link and activity

Solid green = Network link

3 Over temp

Off = Normal

Solid amber = High system temperature detected

4 AMP status

Off = AMP modes disabled

Solid green = AMP mode enabled

Solid amber = Failover

Flashing amber = Invalid configuration

5 Power cap

Off = System is in standby, or no cap is set.

Solid green = Power cap applied

All other LEDs

Off = Normal

Amber = Failure

When the health LED on the front panel illuminates either amber or red, the server is experiencing a health event. For more information on the combination of these LEDs, see "Systems Insight Display combined LED descriptions."