System maintenance switch

Position Default Function
S1 Off

Off = iLO security is enabled.

On = iLO security is disabled.

S2 Off

Off = System configuration can be changed.

On = System configuration is locked.

S3 Off Reserved
S4 Off Reserved
S5 Off

Off = Power-on password is enabled.

On = Power-on password is disabled.

S6 Off

Off = No function

On = ROM reads system configuration as invalid.

S7 Off

Off = Set default boot mode to UEFI.

On = Set default boot mode to legacy.

S8 Reserved
S9 Reserved
S10 Reserved
S11 Reserved
S12 Reserved

To access the redundant ROM, set S1, S5, and S6 to On.

When system maintenance switch S6 is set to the On position, the system is prepared to erase all system configuration settings from both CMOS and NVRAM.

IMPORTANT: Before using the S7 switch to change to Legacy BIOS Boot Mode, be sure the HPE Dynamic Smart Array B140i Controller is disabled. Do not use the B140i controller when the server is in Legacy BIOS Boot Mode.