SmartMemory authenticates and unlocks certain features available only on Qualified Memory and verifies whether installed memory has passed Hewlett Packard Enterprise qualification and test processes.

Qualified Memory is performance-tuned for ProLiant and BladeSystem servers and provides future enhanced support through Active Health and manageability software.

Persistent memory combines the performance of memory with the persistence of traditional storage.

NVDIMMs are DIMMs that provide persistent memory and install in standard DIMM slots.

NVDIMM-Ns are NVDIMMs that combine DRAM with NAND flash memory, backing up the DRAM contents to flash memory on power loss and restoring from NAND flash memory to DRAM on power on. NVDIMM-Ns provide applications with the full performance capability of DRAM. NVDIMM-Ns are supported in select HPE servers, drawing power from the HPE Smart Storage Battery to perform the backup. The HPE 8GB NVDIMM is an NVDIMM-N.

For more information about NVDIMM-Ns and persistent memory, see the HPE 8GB NVDIMM User Guide on the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Information Library (