Flex slot battery backup module LEDs and buttons

FSBBU LED and button
Item Description
1 FSBBU module LED
2 Battery check button

When the battery check button is pressed, the LED indicates the state of the battery. The number of times that the LED flashes indicates the state of charge.

# of LED flashes State of charge (%)
0 < 5
1 <= 30
2 31 – 69
3 >= 70

The state of the LED indicates the FSBBU operating mode.

LED Mode/State
  • Ship/storage mode
  • Cycle power operating
Flashing amber
  • Battery diagnostic
  • Active mode
Solid amber Online mode and charger is ON
Flashing green

Discharge mode

  • RSOC—70-100% frequency=0.5Hz; duty=0.5
  • RSOC—31-69% frequency=1Hz; duty=0.5
  • RSOC—0-30% frequency=1.5Hz; duty=0.5
Solid green
  • Online mode and charger is OFF
  • Battery is fully charged
Flashing red Auxiliary path A/B protection
Solid red FSBBU fault or other protections

For more information about the FSBBU module, see "750 W Flex Slot Hot Plug Battery Backup Module."