Downloading an Active Health System log


  1. Insert a USB key into the server.
  2. Press the F10 during the boot to go directly to Intelligent Provisioning.
  3. On the Intelligent Provisioning home screen, click Perform Maintenance.
  4. From the maintenance options, select Active Health System Log from the maintenance options.

    The Active Health System Log screen appears.

  5. Select the USB key from the Removable Device to Save Log to list.
  6. Define the period for which to retrieve data by selecting the From and To dates. Hewlett Packard Enterprise recommends retrieving seven days of data, which creates a 10 to 15 MB file.
  7. If there is an associated HPE Support Case Number, enter it. You can also enter a Contact Name and E-mail address. The contact information helps HPE Support to provide assistance.
  8. Click Download Logs to save the data to the USB key.

    Once the data has been downloaded, upload it to the Active Health System Viewer.