Uploading an AHS log to AHSV

The maximum file size limit is 250 MB. For logs that are larger than 250 MB, contact the HPE Support Center for assistance.

Perform this task in AHSV.

IMPORTANT: The server from which the AHS log was created must have a valid warranty. If the server is out of warranty, an error message is displayed: "Server is not Entitled. Check these options for renewing your license." The options include:
  • Buy more licenses.

  • Find partner for license purchase.

  • Contact HPE Support.


  1. Select Upload AHS Log.
  2. Navigate to your log file and click Open.

    A window is displayed that shows parsing and log loading states. As the AHS log loads, the screen displays the estimated time of completion.


    This window also displays videos for different platforms. You can search and play different videos while you are waiting for the log file to load.

    To cancel the load process, click Cancel.