System Erase and Reset options

The following table includes the options in the System Erase and Reset menu and a description of what selecting each option will do.

Option Description
All hard drives Erase all hard drives on this server.
Wipe hard drives

Displays if All Hard Drives is selected.

Writes a data pattern over all sectors. This will take several hours per hard drive.

Secure Erase of Non-Volatile Storage1

Triggers a secure hardware erase of all user and warranty information. This may take up to 24 hours and cannot be aborted until it completes.


The Secure Erase of Non-Volatile Storage feature needs an iLO Advanced Secure License in order to be displayed and functioning in the GUI. See the HPE iLO Licensing Guide for more information.

Intelligent Provisioning Preferences Clear Intelligent Provisioning preferences.

Erases using the guidelines from DoD 5220.22-M Date Wipe.