Downloading Active Health System data

HPE Support uses the Active Health System (AHS) log file for problem resolution.

Use the Active Health System Log screen to download AHS telemetry data from the server onto a USB key in the form of an AHS log file case number or a default string with an .ahs extension. Use this screen to select the duration for which data needs to be extracted and the USB key as destination media. You can select a specific start and end date to limit the duration of data extraction.

If connected through iLO, locally connected USB keys shared through virtual devices can also be used for saving AHS log information.

The high level steps for submitting a case are:


  1. Download an AHS Log from the server experiencing a support issue. See Downloading an Active Health System log.
  2. Upload the AHS Log to the Active Health System Viewer at . See Uploading an AHS log to AHSV.
  3. Review the Fault Detection Analytics for any self-repair actions/recommendations. See the AHSV User Guide for more information.
  4. Create a support case using the AHSV Navigation menu. See the AHSV User Guide for more information.