Selecting the OS


  1. Select an operating system or choose the default. OS Language, OS Keyboard and Time Zone are automatically filtered.

    Supported OS families include:

    • Microsoft Windows

    • VMware vSphere Custom Image

    • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux


    Certain ProLiant servers require an HPE Customized image for a successful VMware ESXi installation. For more information or to download an image, see the Hewlett Packard Enterprise website at

  2. Enter information into the following fields:
    • Computer Name

    • Organization Name

    • Owner Name

    • Optional Password

    • Confirm Password

    For manual installations:


    Punctuation is not allowed when setting an optional password.

    • After entering the product key, select the operating system again.

    • When entering the settings, reenter the password created in the Intelligent Provisioning Choose the OS Family screen.

  3. To proceed to Reviewing your settings, click the Continue right arrow.