Using Deployment Settings package to configure a single server

  • Before using a deployment to install an OS, be sure that the drives and arrays are configured.

  • Do not interrupt the configuration process.


  1. Do one of the following:
    1. To use the deployment you created on the server, click Deploy.
    2. To use a previously created deployment:
      Select Deployment Settings > Import
      • From Network Share enter:
        • Server Name or IP Address—Server name or IP address of the server that hosts the OS contents. If a server name is specified, a DNS entry is also required.
        • Share Name—The name of the network share using Server Message Block (SMB) protocol that hosts the OS contents.
        • Domain Name—Name of the domain that hosts the network share.

        • Network Share User—User name used to access the network share.
        • Network Share Password (not encrypted)—Password for the user name used to access the network share.
      • From USB Drive—Insert the USB key containing the deployment:
        1. Save the deployment from the USB key to the local server.

        2. On the Select a Deployment screen, select the deployment from the list, and click Deploy. If the USB key and their stored deployments are not displayed, click Rescan.

  2. As the deployment runs, a validation screen applies settings for the following elements:
    • ROM Settings

    • Array Settings

    • System Options

    • Firmware Update