Using the BIOS Configuration (RBSU) utility


  1. On the Intelligent Provisioning home screen, click Perform Maintenance.
  2. Select BIOS configuration (RBSU) from the maintenance options. The BIOS configuration (RBSU) screen is displayed. The following menu options are available:

    1. To display the following items, click View Change:
      • Current settings—Displays the current ROM settings.

      • Submitted settings—Shows the settings that are applied after the next system reboot.

      • Auto-corrected items—Items that have changed automatically based of the rules of RBSU dependency.

    2. To submit new configuration changes, click Update. The following information is displayed only if there are pending changes:

      • Status of new configuration changes.

      • Status messages.

    3. The following are permanent items that are always displayed in the menu:

      • BIOS Attribute Registry ID.

      • Reset BIOS—Sets the BIOS back to the default.

      • Workload Profile— Specifies a power management package that sets a basic policy for performance versus power usage.

  3. To return to the Perform Maintenance home screen, click the Previous left arrow.

    For information about the options on the left, see the UEFI System Utilities User Guide.