Navigating Intelligent Provisioning

To navigate through and modify settings in this menu-driven interface, use the navigation icons displayed at the top right-hand corner and bottom left- and right-hand corners of the Intelligent Provisioning window.

These navigation icons are screen sensitive and are not displayed on all screens.



Language Enables you to select the language to use.

Returns to the Intelligent Provisioning home page, with the Express OS Install and Perform Maintenance menus. This icon is available only after completing the initial configuration and registration tasks.

Jobcart Displays the job configuration viewer screen, which displays the status of jobs in the queue. You can use this screen to monitor configuration tasks and jobs as they are processed.

Opens the online help to the section about the current screen.

System Information

Displays system information, including the Intelligent Provisioning version.

Power Off

Powers down or reboots the server.

Log Out Logs the current user out of Intelligent Provisioning.

This icon is only displayed in Always On mode.

Previous Arrow (<)

Returns you to the previous screen after validating and saving your choices.

Continue Arrow (>)

Takes you forward to the next screen after validating and saving your choices.