Deployment Settings package-level actions

Package-level actions manipulate the Deployment Settings package, not individual settings within a deployment.

After making a selection on the initial page, the Select a Deployment screen opens.

On the Select a Deployment screen, existing Deployment Settings packages that are stored on the server are displayed in the left pane, existing Deployment Settings packages that are stored on an installed USB drive are displayed in the right pane, and package-level action icons are displayed in the center of the screen. If a USB drive is installed, its name is displayed near the top of the screen in the Target USB Key field.

  • To perform a package-level action on a Deployment Settings package, select one of the displayed packages, and then select an action icon in the middle pane.

  • To open a specific Deployment Settings package to change individual settings, double-click one of the displayed packages.

The following table defines the available actions.



Click the Deploy icon to launch the automatic configuration utility.

Click the Edit icon to change the following options:
  • Version Information

  • Operating System parameters

  • Intelligent Provisioning Preferences

  • Array Configuration information

  • ROM Settings

Click the Delete icon to delete the selected deployment.

Click Download to download the performance package to a network share or a USB drive.