Checking installation parameters

During the installation and configuration process, consider the following:

  • A EULA might be displayed for Windows installations.

  • The Firmware Update screen might be displayed at this time, depending on the following two system settings:
    • In the Preferences screen, System Software Update must have been enabled. See Setting preferences for more information.

    • In the Operating System Installation screen, Update before OS Install must have been selected. See Selecting hardware settings for more information.

    If the Firmware Update screen is displayed, follow the on-screen prompts to obtain and install the latest firmware on server components. When the updates are complete, the Installing OS page is displayed, ready to begin the OS installation.
  • If you attempt to deploy an OS on a server with no installed drives, the server reboots and, after POST, a page is displayed indicating that the settings are being applied. The deployment does not proceed, but messages are written to the IML.

  • For Windows installations, messages about an untested Windows version and hpkeyclick messages might be displayed while the drivers are installed. This is expected behavior. No action is required.