Downloading an AHS log

  1. From the System Utilities screen, select Embedded Applications > Active Health System Log and press Enter.
  2. Select Download Active Health System Log and press Enter.
  3. Complete the following and press Enter after each selection or data entry.
    1. Download Entire Log—Unless you a support representative advises you to download AHS records for the life of the server, leave this disabled (not selected). The default setting is disabled.
    2. Range Start Date—Enter a starting date for log collection.
    3. Range End Date—Enter an ending date for log collection.
    4. Select File Location—Select this option to open a File Explorer screen and select the FAT16 FAT32 partition on local or virtual writable media on which to download the AHS log.
      NOTE: Hewlett Packard Enterprise recommends storing AHS logs on USB or HDD media. Storing logs on SD cards is not supported.
    5. Optional: Add your customer information, including support case number, and contact information.
  4. Select Start Download and press Enter.

    The UEFI firmware communicates with iLO to download the requested AHS log files and package them into one .ahs file.

  5. When requested by Hewlett Packard Enterprise Support, copy your stored .ahs file, and email it to your customer support representative.

NOTE: You can also download AHS log files by selecting System Utilities > System Health > Download Active Health System Log.