Using common setup and configuration commands

How do I enter the Embedded UEFI Shell?

See Accessing the Embedded UEFI Shell.

How do I determine if a server has UEFI boot options?

See sysconfig.

How do I configure the time zone?

See timezone.

How do I create a temporary RAM disk from the Embedded UEFI Shell?

See ramdisk.

How do I dump the Integrated Management Log (IML) to a selected file on a RAM disk from the Embedded UEFI Shell, and confirm that the file is on the RAM disk?

See imlview.

How do I reset one or all mappings between user-defined names and a device handles?

See map.

How do I display all devices that are compliant with the UEFI Driver Model?

See devtree.

How do I exit the Embedded UEFI Shell back to the System Utilities?

See exit..