Resetting iLO active connections


Configure iLO Settings privilege

  1. From the System Utilities screen, select System Configuration > iLO 4 Configuration Utility > Reset iLO.

    The iLO 4 Configuration Utility prompts you to select YES or NO.

  2. Select YES, and press Enter.
  3. When prompted to confirm the reset, press Enter.

    Active iLO connections are reset. If you are managing iLO remotely, the remote console session is automatically ended.

  4. Resume the boot process:
    1. Optional: If you are managing iLO remotely, wait for the iLO reset to finish, and then start the iLO remote console.

      The UEFI System Utilities are still open from the previous session.

    2. Press Esc until the main menu is displayed.
    3. Select Exit and Resume Boot in the main menu, and press Enter.
    4. When prompted to confirm the request, press Enter to exit the utility and resume the normal boot process.