iLO POST LED indicators

During the initial boot of iLO, the POST LED indicators flash to display the progress through the iLO boot process. After the boot process is complete, the HB LED flashes in one second intervals. LED indicators (1 through 6) illuminate after the system has booted to indicate a hardware failure. If a hardware failure is detected, reset iLO. For the location of the LED indicators, see the server documentation.

A runtime failure of iLO is indicated by HB constantly remaining in either the On or Off state. A runtime failure of iLO can also be indicated by a repeated flashing pattern on all eight LEDs. If a runtime error occurs, reset iLO.

The LED indicators have the following assignments.

LED indicator POST code (activity completed) Description Failure indicated
None 00 Set up chip selects
2 02 - Normal operation Scrub done
HB and 2 82 Kernel launch Subsystem startup failed if this status remains for extended period of time (~60 seconds)
5,4,3,2,1 and blinking 0F Main error - recovery The main payload is corrupt; the kernel is running flash recovery.

HB, 7, and 6 steady

5,4,3,2,1 blinking

E0 Kernel error Failure to find and load a kernel
HB Flashes as the iLO processor executes firmware code. It does not change the value of the lower seven LEDs.