9019 - Unknown Module state NO_COMM

Severity: MAJOR

Description: VCM cannot properly communicate with the module.

Possible cause 1: The module is powered off.

Action: Power the module back on through the OA interface.

Possible cause 2: Unable to communicate with the module through management interfaces.

Action: Reseat, reboot, or replace the module with one of the same type.

Possible cause 3: If a module reset occurred recently, it might be in this state for a period of time until VCM can properly communicate with it. If this is the case, then waiting for a few minutes will usually clear the state.

Action: Wait for up to 5 minutes to see if the module recovers from this state.

Possible cause 4: Module reset occurred, but module never recovered from this state because VCM did not receive an event notification from the OA. This can be caused by a problem with the OA firmware, or a problem with the module.

Action: Reseat, reboot, or replace module with one of the same type.