Onboard Administrator SNMP traps

The Onboard Administrator supports the following SNMP traps.

Trap ID Trap name Description
22001 cpqRackNameChanged Rack name has changed
22002 cpqRackEnclosureNameChanged Enclosure name has changed
22003 cpqRackEnclosureRemoved Linked enclosure removal detected
22004 cpqRackEnclosureInserted Linked enclosure insertion detected
22008 cpqRackEnclosureFanFailed Enclosure fan has failed
22009 cpqRackEnclosureFanDegraded Enclosure fan is degraded
22010 cpqRackEnclosureFanOk Enclosure fan is OK
22011 cpqRackEnclosureFanRemoved Enclosure fan is removed
22012 cpqRackEnclosureFanInserted Enclosure fan is inserted
22013 cpqRackPowerSupplyFailed Enclosure power supply has failed
22014 cpqRackPowerSupplyDegraded Enclosure power supply is degraded
22015 cpqRackPowerSupplyOk Enclosure power supply is OK
22016 cpqRackPowerSupplyRemoved Enclosure power supply is removed
22017 cpqRackPowerSupplyInserted Enclosure power supply is inserted
22018 cpqRackPowerSubsystemNotRedundant Enclosure power subsystem is not redundant
22019 cpqRackPowerSubsystemLineVoltageProblem Enclosure power subsystem line voltage issue
22020 cpqRackPowerSubsystemOverloadCondition Enclosure power subsystem overload condition
22028 cpqRackServerBladeRemoved Blade removed (replaced by 22050 in OA v1.30)
22029 cpqRackServerBladeInserted Blade inserted (replaced by 22051 in OA v1.30)
22037 cpqRackEnclosureManagerDegraded Onboard Administrator degraded
22038 cpqRackEnclosureManagerOk Onboard Administrator OK
22039 cpqRackEnclosureManagerRemoved Onboard Administrator removed
22040 cpqRackEnclosureManagerInserted Onboard Administrator inserted
22041 cpqRackManagerPrimaryRole Onboard Administrator is Active
22042 cpqRackServerBladeEKeyingFailed Blade eKeying config failed
22044 cpqRackNetConnectorRemoved Interconnect removed
22045 cpqRackNetConnectorInserted Interconnect inserted
22046 cpqRackNetConnectorFailed Interconnect failed
22047 cpqRackNetConnectorDegraded Interconnect degraded
22048 cpqRackNetConnectorOk Interconnect OK
22049 cpqRackServerBladeToLowPower Blade requested too low power
22050 cpqRackServerBladeRemoved2 Blade removed2
22051 cpqRackServerBladeInserted2 Blade inserted2