iLO Service Port

The Service Port is a USB port with the label iLO on supported servers and compute modules.

To find out if your server or compute module supports this feature, see the server specifications document at the following website:

When you have physical access to a server, you can use the Service Port to do the following:

  • Download the Active Health System Log to a supported USB flash drive.

    When you use this feature, the connected USB flash drive is not accessible by the host operating system.

  • Connect a client (such as a laptop) with a supported USB to Ethernet adapter to access the iLO web interface, remote console, CLI, iLO RESTful API, or scripts.

    Hewlett Packard Enterprise recommends the HPE USB to Ethernet Adapter (part number Q7Y55A).

    Some servers, such as the XL170r, require an adapter to connect a USB to Ethernet adapter to the iLO Service Port.

    Hewlett Packard Enterprise recommends the HPE Micro USB to USB Adapter (part number 789904-B21).

When you use the iLO Service Port:

  • Actions are logged in the iLO event log.

  • The server UID flashes to indicate the Service Port status.

    You can also retrieve the Service Port status by using a REST client and the iLO RESTful API.

  • You cannot use the Service Port to boot any device within the server, or the server itself.

  • You cannot access the server by connecting to the Service Port.

  • You cannot access the connected device from the server.

For more information about the iLO Service Port, see the iLO user guide at the following website: