Browser Access Restriction Issues

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The following sections describe how to troubleshoot browser access restriction issues that may occur when trying to access OT Link Platform.

Supported Browsers

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari.

Browser Warnings

Browsers typically display one of the following two warnings when trying to access OT Link Platform:

  • Your connection is not private.
  • Your connection is not secure.

OT Link Platform uses self-signed certificates by default. This type of warning is expected when using a self-signed certificate in a local environment.

Google Chrome Firefox

Typically, you can bypass browser warnings on Chrome and Firefox with the following steps:

Chrome - Click Advanced, then click _Proceed to  __(unsafe)_ at the bottom of the page.

Firefox - Click Advanced, then click Add Exception… at the bottom of the page. Click Confirm Security Exception on the popup window.

Browser Access Restrictions

The following table details some of the reasons for browser access restrictions and recommended steps to resolve the issues.

Possible Causes Recommended Steps to Resolve the Issue
Needs SSL certificate from trusted authority
  • OT Link Platform includes a self-signed certificate, but you can add additional certificates. See Certificates.
Wrong date and time on computer/device
  • Verify that the date and time are correct on the OT Link Platform device
Browser cookies and cached files
Anti-virus software blocking SSL connection
  • Try disabling antivirus software.
DNS caching
  • Clear the DNS cache using the ipconfig command in Windows: ipconfig /flushdns
Owner has configured website improperly
  • Typically occurs only in the Firefox browser
  • Add the OT Link Platform IP address to the browser's website exceptions list to proceed.