Browser Cache Issues

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OT Link Platform and Workload Orchestrator all run inside a browser. Sometimes browsers have caching issues that causes strange behavior. Browser caching issues are usually like the following examples:

Browser Cache Bug Examples:

  1. The page looks partially loaded.
  2. The page looks like it’s loaded but it has strange formatting.
  3. Pictures are in the wrong places.
  4. Strange login and license activation issues.

Fix the Browser Cache

You can easily fix cache issues by clearing the cache. Here are some easy ways to ensure a clear cache that work on all browsers

  • Hold down the SHIFT key while refreshing the page. This forces a refresh with an empty cache on all browsers.
  • Press the CTRL + SHIFT + R key combination to force an empty cache refresh. On Safari, it’s CMD + R.
  • Hold the CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE key combination to open the clear browser history menu. On Safari, it’s CMD + SHIFT + DELETE. Make sure to choose the cache option and the largest time range possible to clear the entire cache.

Chrome and Firefox clear browser history menus:

Why Do Browser Cache Issues Occur?

Browsers keep a cache of files and images for recently visited websites to avoid needing to download them every time you visit a page. Sometimes the browser needs to re-download these files to avoid page display issues. When browsers use cache files when they should be downloading the files, cache issues occur.