Device Discovery

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How Device Discovery Works

The device discovery service scans the network and returns a list of devices it finds.

  • Discovery¬†is disabled on all interfaces, by default.
  • Discovery scans all network addresses at one-second intervals. It may take time to scan an entire network.
  • Scanning will never stop. After 10 minutes, if a device is not recognized on the network, it will be removed from the list.

OT Link Platform enforces restrictions to prevent the following issues:

  • Security Alerts: Because discovery regularly scans the network, security systems (such as Trojan detection systems) might flag this activity. In order to avoid security warnings, network scans are limited to one-second intervals, and devices will be removed from the list after 10 minutes of inactivity.
  • Missing Devices: Discovery only supports subnet /24 networks to limit the number of nodes to discover. This restriction prevents discovery from taking longer than 10 minutes for each device.

Enable Device Discovery

To enable device discovery:

  1. In the navigation panel, expand DeviceHub. Select Device Discovery.
  2. For the Ethernet interface, toggle the switch to ON.

The populated list includes a Last Seen column. It indicates the last time Device Discovery scanned the network.