Device Reboot and Upgrade

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These Manage functions are addressed in more detail on this page: Device Management.

Reboot OT Link Platform Device

To reboot the device:

  1. In the navigation panel, select: System > Device Management.
  2. Click Reboot and you will be prompted with a confirmation pop-up:

  3. A spinning process symbol indicates that the reboot is in progress.

  4. A status message at the bottom of the browser window will indicate when the process is complete.

Factory Restart Device

As the label implies, all OT Link Platform configurations will be removed and OT Link Platform will return to its original state, before any configurations were created.

To factory restart the device:

  1. In the navigation panel, select: System > Device Management.
  2. To revert to the factory settings, click Reset.
  3. You will be prompted to confirm the reset.

Upload Firmware and Upgrade OT Link Platform

This upgrade process preserves existing configurations and data. After the OT Link Platform software has been installed on a device, this upgrade process should be used throughout the lifetime of the device.


Obtain the latest firmware file from HPE.

To upgrade the device with the latest OT Link Platform firmware:

  1. To check the OT Link Platform firmware version that is currently running, in the navigation panel, select: System > Info.

  2. In the navigation panel, select: System > Device Management.
  3. Click Upload File and select the file to upload. The firmware upgrade filename has a .upd extension.
  4. A pop-up warns you of the reboot and prompts you to confirm the upload.

  5. The firmware will load and install and then the system will reboot.

  6. Once the system has restarted, log in via a new browser session.
    Note: Due to the nature of browsers, reloading the page may not be sufficient. Close the current browser session and start fresh with a new browser page. clearing your browser cache may also help.