Hex Values

Estimated reading time: 1 minute

Function nodes can convert hexadecimal (hex) values into normal decimal integers. This is useful when performing operations on hex values.

Create the Flow

To create a flow to convert hex values to integers:

  1. Connect an Inject node, a Function node, and a Debug node as pictured below in the final result.

  2. Double-click the Function node and enter the following lines of code:

    function hexToInt(hex) { // Declares a function, named hexToInt, for converting hex to integers.
        return parseInt(hex, 16); // Converts the hex into an integer by passing in 16 (for base 16) to parseInt.
    var hex = msg.payload; // Saves the msg payload to pass into our function.
    var decimal = hexToInt(hex); // Calls the function to convert the hex into a decimal integer.
    msg.payload = "Hex: " + hex + ", Decimal: " + decimal; // Formats the text for output.
    return msg;
  3. Click Done. Double-click the inject node and select string from the drop-down menu. Enter in any hex value to convert to an integer. This example uses 0x00A8, which is 168 as a decimal integer.

  4. Click the button to the left of the inject node to view the output in the debug tab at the bottom of the flow screen.