Installation Checklist

Estimated reading time: 1 minute

This checklist provides steps to take after first installing OT Link Platform. Make sure to view the Pre-Installation Checklist for steps to take before installing OT Link Platform.

Ensure that OT Link Platform is installed properly.

  • Ensure that you can log into OT Link Platform with the Terminal User Interface (TUI). Press F2 on the keyboard and use the admin username and the default password_, OT Link Platform._ See the OT Link Platform Terminal User Interface page for more details about the TUI.

  • Go to the login screen by typing in the IP address shown on the Terminal User Interface.

  • Ensure that typing in the username admin and the default password OT Link Platform takes you to the OT Link Platform dashboard. The dashboard should show statistics on the CPU, Memory, and Network Utilization charts.

  • Clicking System > Info in the OT Link Platform Navigation Panel should show the currently installed version of OT Link Platform next to Firmware Version. It should also show the current disk and memory usage as well as information about any network interfaces.

  • If you are interested in using the OPC UA server feature, download and install UaExpert from Unified Automation.

  • Set up any network storage or FTP users as needed.

  • Start linking devices to OT Link Platform through DeviceHub: DeviceHub Add, Monitor, or Delete Device.

  • Add a marketplace and start installing any applications that you may need with the OT Link Platform Marketplace.

  • If you have Workload Orchestrator, activate any devices with Workload Orchestrator: Configure Workload Orchestrator Connectivity.

  • Check the OT Link Platform FAQ for any common issues that you may encounter.