Marketplace MySQL Example

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Make the most of the massive amount of data collected by OT Link Platform by storing the data in a database for further analysis. The OT Link Platform default Marketplace includes a MySQL application. To take advantage of this application, use the following documentation to guide you through a MySQL example.

Deploy the MySQL Application

OT Link Platform provides a variety of applications in its default marketplace catalog. In the case of MySQL, OT Link Platform provides a containerized MySQL database, which is local to the OT Link Platform device. Data collected at the edge can be stored in this local database. In addition, you can extract data from the local database for consumption by other databases in your enterprise.

  • Caution should be used when using this local database. If the size exceeds the hardware memory size, it will crash the OT Link Platform system, causing data to be lost and requiring a fresh installation.
  • To manage the size of the local database, HPE recommends weekly backups and management of local data via scripts.
  • As an alternative to the local database, collect data and sent it to an external database that is on the same network as the OT Link Platform device.


  • Before you can install the MySQL app, deploy the Default Marketplace. See Explore the OT Link Platform Marketplace.
  • Internet connectivity is required to deploy the Default Marketplace and to install applications. Once you create an application instance, you no longer need internet access to create additional instances of the same application.

To install the MySQL application:

  1. In the navigation panel, select Applications > Marketplace.
  2. Click the MySQL card.
  3. Select 0 for the installation script version.

  4. Enter the additional settings and click Launch.
    1. Stack name: Enter a name. This user-defined name identifies the application in the Applications > Overview window.
    2. Stack description: Enter a description.
    3. MySQL exposed port: The default port, 3306, can be modified, if needed. OT Link Platform uses this port to send data to the MySQL database. Flows also can use this port to connect to the database.
    4. MySQL database: Enter a database name or keep it set to sample.
    5. MySQL user: Enter a user name or keep it set to user.
    6. MySQL password: OT Link Platform supplies a strong password (contains at least 1 capital letter and at least 1 number, and it is at least 7 characters long). Either keep this password or change it. 
    7. MySQL root password: OT Link Platform supplies a strong password. Either keep this password or change it.

  5. After the MySQL application launches successfully, go to Applications > Overview.
    Manage applications from this window: start/stop, refresh, or delete.
    See also, Applications Overview.

Next Step…

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