OPCUA Client (Beta)

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Refer to these sections for details:

Supported Series

OPC UA series: Unified Automation, Prosys, Kepware

Web site reference: https://opcfoundation.org/certified-products

PLC Connection Settings

Parameters Recommended Options
PLC Type OPC UA Client
PLC Interface Ethernet
Port # 4840
Security Policy None None/Basic128Rsa15/Basic256
Message Security Mode None None/Sign/SignAndEncrypt

OT Link Platform DeviceHub Configuration

To configure DeviceHub for OPCUA, take these steps:

  1. DeviceHub > Add Device
    Type: OPCUA 
    Driver: OPCUA Client (Beta)

  2. Enter details specific to your environment and click Add Device.

    • Certain device drivers will not_have a list of Register Names in the DeviceHub Add/Edit Tag form. These are _Free Tag PLCs. For Free Tag requirements, see Troubleshoot Device Connectivity Status.
    • For the Register Name, in the DeviceHub Add/Edit Tag form, map the OPC server tags to the client using this format, where the semicolon is significant: ns=1;s=tagname
      • Example: ns=2;s=Channel1.Device1.Tag1
    • Only Anonymous security mode is supported.
    • Server Name currently is not used, however, an entry must be made in this field.

Device Types

Device Type



Boolean bit

SINT SByte 16-bit BCD (binary coded decimal), Hex, Binary, Signed
USINT Byte 16-bit BCD (binary coded decimal), Hex, Binary, Unsigned
BYTE 8-bit, Unsigned
CHAR 8-bit, Signed
SHORT 16-bit, Signed
INT 16-bit integer
LONG 32-bit, Signed
UINT 16-bit Integer, Unsigned
WORD 16-bit, Unsigned
DINT 32-bit BCD (binary coded decimal), Hex, Binary, Signed
UDINT 32-bit BCD (binary coded decimal), Hex, Binary, Unsigned
DWORD 32-bit, Unsigned
REAL 32-bit Float
DOUBLE 64-bit Float
STRING Character array
ByteArray Array of bytes
CharArray Array of bytes that represent ASCII characters
WordArray Array of words, a word is 32 or 64 bits depending on the CPU
LongArray Array of 32-bit Signed Integers
DWordArray Array of 32-bit Unsigned Integers
FloatArray Array of 32-bit Floats
DoubleArray Array of 64-bit Doubles