OT Link Platform Time Synchronization

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OT Link Platform time synchronization is required for precise time resolution for timestamping collected measurements. Also, OT Link Platform uses the current time for license activation. Therefore, if the time is substantially off, the trial license may be considered invalid and cause the trial to end prematurely.

NTP (Network Time Protocol) servers offer the easiest, most reliable and accurate time-synchronization method.

If you are installing OT Link Platform…

  • Adjust the system clock via the BIOS before installing OT Link Platform. Otherwise, the 15-day trial period may be rejected and invalidated by the license server.
  • In the event that your license becomes invalidated, contact your HPE representative.
  • See Install OT Link Platform from a USB Drive.

Synchronize Using Public NTP Servers

OT Link Platform comes pre-configured with servers in the public NTP pool. This requires internet access. See http://www.pool.ntp.org/en/.

If OT Link Platform is in an environment without internet access or if you want to specify your own NTP servers, you can do it via the Web UI or the Terminal User Interface (TUI), as shown below. See also, OT Link Platform Terminal User Interface.

Configure NTP Time Servers via the TUI

Configure NTP Time Servers via the Web Interface

Synchronize Using a Local NTP Server

See How to Configure a Local NTP Server.

Use the Real-Time Clock as a Time Source

RTC not recommended

Use of the system, real-time clock (RTC) without NTP, is not recommended.

  • RTC resolution typically lags and therefore is not precise enough for timestamping collected data.
  • RTCs can drift in time, at a substantial rate.

In rare circumstances, the system clock can be used. Configure the system clock manually in the TUI. See also, OT Link Platform Terminal User Interface.

Synchronize time: