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A Team is defined at the Company level. It defines which users have access to Projects within each Company.

You must define Team members at the Company level by their usernames if they have already registered with Workload Orchestrator. If users have not registered with Workload Orchestrator yet, you can define team members with emails. Each Team member will receive an email invite to join Workload Orchestrator, if they have not already signed up. Once a Team is defined at the Company level, you can add Teams to Projects to give them read / write access to Project resources.

Use Case Scenarios:

  • If you are a system integrator, a Team can be one of the Teams within a client company.
  • If you are an end user, a Team can be the team involved in a Project for an IoT initiative.
  • If you are a large corporation, a Team can be one of the corporate teams involved in managing different business units or plants with IoT initiatives.


  • Separate Users for each Team.
  • Separate read / write access permissions for Projects that Teams are involved with.
  • Separate Teams for each Project and each Company.