Why OT Link Platform is a Whole OS

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OT Link Platform, when deployed on a Converged edge system device, provides a complete operating system. This approach offers the following advantages:

Purpose-built OS

A purpose-built operating system does not depend on a general-purpose operating system for its processes. This pre-configured, leaner OS offers the following advantages:

  • Designed specifically for edge-processing requirements
  • Leverages industry expertise, incorporating only the logic required to achieve results
  • Efficient use of resources
  • Ease of deployment
  • Built-in integration with 3rd-party applications
  • Tested for both interoperability and performance.
  • Scales as versions incorporate additional functionality.


Deployment at the edge offers the following protection:

  • Access is only via the terminal user interface (TUI) and Web UI
  • Ground-up built for IoT native security requirements

See OT Link Platform IIoT Security.

Black Box Testing

Quality assurance tests follow black box methodologies. This approach ensures an external perspective, without regard to the internal structure.

  • Software tests are conducted from a user’s point of view, based on specifications.
  • Testers do not need intimate knowledge of the software internal details or the development process.
  • Boundary value analysis tests try values that are outside the expected range.
  • QA testers apply knowledge gained from a variety of customer use cases to exercise features against requirements.
  • Behavior and performance issues can be efficiently identified in a controlled environment.

Result: Efficient resolution of issues with a customer-centric focus.

Scalability Tested

From small to large enterprise environments, OT Link Platform stress tests ensure that the operating system can handle the load associated with IoT growth.

  • Incremental tests verify that the operating system functions optimally at each load level.
  • Tests keep pace with evolving software, hardware, and driver technology.

Optimal OTA Mechanism

This hardware-agnostic industry standard uses best practices to ensure stable and secure over-the-air updates.

See Over-the-Air Updates.