Front panel components

Front panel display components
Item Description Function
1 UID button Toggles the frame UID on or off.
2 Frame Health LED

Indicates the highest severity health status of all components within the frame.

  • Solid green—Normal operation

  • Flashing amber—Warning

  • Flashing red—Critical error

To resolve critical errors and warnings, connect to HPE OneView or to the HPE Synergy Console.

3 Laptop port

Provides single laptop access to the frame link module using an RJ-45 Ethernet 100BASE-TX connection.

4 Monitor port Provides connectivity for a monitor or an active monitor port adapter to access the HPE Synergy Console.
5 Reset button Provides two functions:
  • Resets the Active frame link module - momentary press.

  • Factory resets both frame link modules - press and hold until UID LED flashes blue.


The reset button does not reset any other component in the frame.

6 USB Provides a connection for supported USB devices such as a keyboard or mouse for HPE Synergy Console use. To connect multiple devices, a USB hub (not included) is required.