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Unleashing a new wave of network innovation in security, cloud, mobility and big data.

Introducing the industry's first SDN App Store.

SDN Appstore

The time is right – Software-defined Networking (SDN) is enabling new opportunities, never before possible, for developing new applications that can shape how the network functions or is secured for end user applications or mission critical business applications. The ability to innovate within networking is now possible.

We at HP welcome your involvement to change and innovate networking. HP is fostering a community of developers for SDN by providing you with the tools you need to get started developing applications.

HP VAN SDN Controller is available

Starting Out

SDN Starting Out

You need the right tools to develop and test your applications efficiently and economically.

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SDN Community

Inspire and support others along your SDN journey in the SDN developer community forum.


SDN AllianceOne partnership

The HP Networking Specialization program of AllianceOne provides partners access to exclusive SDN application development resources to successfully build and co-sell innovative SDN applications with HP.

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SDN App Store

See how easy customers can download apps onto the controller with a few simple clicks.

SDN App Store

SDN Developer Kit (SDK)

Software Developer Kit (SDK)

Development Suite

SDN Development Suite

APIs and documentation, Programmers guide, GUI Framework, HP Virtual Application Networks (VAN) SDN Controller and sample code with development framework to quickly create applications directly on the HP VAN SDN controller.

Download SDN Developer Kit

HP VAN SDN Controller

The HP VAN SDN Controller software is the central building block for developing innovative SDN applications. The controller provides a unified control point in an OpenFlow-enabled network.

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SDN Remote Lab

SDN Virtual Lab

Leverage the right test equipment for free. HP AllianceOne Networking partners can enjoy secure, remote access to a live, fully equipped OpenFlow networking environment. Utilize the programmable lab resources to test and validate your SDN applications.

Simulation Suite

Simulation Suite

Simulation Suite – Download the controller software directly into your development environment and simulate networks with network simulation tools, such as mininet (

Advancing SDN innovation with HP SDN open ecosystem

HP SDN Developer events

To advance SDN application development with the HP SDN Software Development Kit(SDK) and HP VAN SDN Controller, HP is creating a series of HP SDN Developer events.

To learn more about future SDN application developer events, please contact us.

“HP made some valuable strides in developing a vibrant and vital SDN ecosystem.”

Brad Casemore,
IDC Research Director

HP SDN Developer Workshop (December 3rd & 4th)

The first developer event, the SDN Developer workshop was a 2-day event held on Dec 3rd & 4th in Silicon Valley. The event was successful with a nearly 100% turn out and a high satisfaction rating.

The workshop was designed to allow developers to:

  • Gain industry and market insights from SDN advisory board
  • Learn about a real customer deployment
  • Receive live demonstrations and trainings on developing applications
  • Observe the ease of SDN application development through developing a sample application
  • Engage with the SDN advisory board and receive guidance on their application

One highlight of the event was that Infoblox complied an SDN application to work with HP VAN SDN Controller at the end of the workshop.

“HP is one of the first large companies that is talking about an App store. The workshop clearly reflects that HP is focused on truly developing new innovative software application for the networking industry. ”

Stuart Baily,
Founder and CEO of Infoblox

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SDN Ecosystem

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SDN App Store demo

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