A new dawn of technology

Innovation is driving unprecedented change. Mobility, virtualization, high-definition video, rich-media collaboration tools, and cloud computing are reinventing the way businesses and people work. Enterprises that can harness these innovations will have new tools to drive business advantage and build new opportunities in the global marketplace.

When legacy networks are pushed to the limit, they become fragile, difficult to manage, vulnerable, and expensive to operate. Businesses whose networks are at this breaking point, risk missing the next wave of opportunity.

FlexManagement - Converges network management and orchestration.


Converges and secures data center networkd, compute, and storage in the physical and virtual worlds.


Converges wired and wireless networks to deliver secure identity-based access.


Converges network functionality, security, and services for simplicity.

Benefits of the HP FlexNetwork architecture

The HP FlexNetwork architecture delivers five primary benefits: an open and standards-based solution with scalability on three dimensions: security, agility, and consistency.

The FlexNetwork architecture is an open and standards-based solution

The FlexNetwork architecture scales on three dimensions-functionality, connectivity, and capacity

The FlexNetwork architecture is secure

The FlexNetwork architecture delivers agility

The FlexNetwork architecture delivers a consistent operating experience

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“ The convergence of cloud computing and mobile connectivity is changing the way infrastructures are built, applications are developed and information is delivered, said Bill Veghte, chief strategy officer and executive vice president, Software, HP. ”

“ HP Converged Cloud enables enterprises to incorporate a blend of public, private and managed cloud services with their existing IT to create a seamless hybrid environment that rapidly adapts to their changing requirements. ”

Bill Veghte

Chief Strategy Officer and Executive Vice President, Software, HP.