Simple, Scalable, Secure

Interconnect Virtual Application Networks with HP DVPN and reduce manual configuration by 93%

Simplify wide area network connectivity in a Virtual Application Network with HP DVPN solution, interconnecting data centers, campuses and branch offices with standards based IPsec VPN encryption.

The DVPN solution is highly automated, scalable and secure which is implemented with HP 6600 router series, HP MSR series routers, and Intelligent Management Center (IMC) for single-pane-of-glass management. This solution scales to over 3000 sites on a single HP 6600 router (DVPN domain) and can easily scale for very large networks with multiple DVPN domains. HP solution can be implemented on any WAN technology with the flexibility to lower the cost by using DVPN over lower cost broadband access.


  • Reduce manual configuration by up to 93%*.
  • Simplify operations with automated VPN setup and provisioning.
  • Highly scalable, secure, and resilient without complexity.
  • Carrier agnostic connectivity.
* Based on a fully meshed 15 router configuration validated by Network Test


  • Hub-spoke or full mesh configuration.
  • Standards based IPsec encryption.
  • Separation of data plane and control plane for scalability.
  • VPN Address Management (VAM) server can support up to 30,000 VAM clients.
  • Zero touch configuration with IMC.

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“ The convergence of cloud computing and mobile connectivity is changing the way infrastructures are built, applications are developed and information is delivered,” said Bill Veghte, chief strategy officer and executive vice president, Software, HP. “HP Converged Cloud enables enterprises to incorporate a blend of public, private and managed cloud services with their existing IT to create a seamless hybrid environment that rapidly adapts to their changing requirements. ”

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