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Intelligent Management Center – smart management that goes beyond the network

Business requirements are changing at a much faster pace than before and networks need to adapt and match pace. Network management needs to ensure continuous uptime, reduce operational burden and deliver services and applications when the businesses expect them.

Intelligent Management Center (IMC) unifies and simplifies network monitoring and configuration management to promote continuous network uptime while allowing administrator’s to deliver new services via orchestration and automation, secure network access and ensure application performance for end users, all through single pane-of-glass network management.

IMC Brochure

Promoting continuous uptime and availability

  • Consistent visibility across networks, services and applications
  • Actionable information from network data clutter that allow you to make smart decisions
  • Flexible and accelerated deployment of network devices and fabric

Managing pro-actively to ensure continuity and security

  • Remediate and troubleshoot issues when and before they occur
  • Manage a multi-vendor network from any type of device
  • Secure access to your network and implement your BYOD policies through IMC

Automate and orchestrate services quickly

  • Deliver a consistent application experience by provisioning policy from edge to core
  • Manage all layers of a SDN architecture to help fulfill the promise of network agility
  • Automated service modeling and deployment

Learn what IMC can do for your network

Intelligent Management Center Videos

Intuitive, Comprehensive Networking Management

Intuitive, Comprehensive Networking Management


South Washington school district manages the network with IMC.

Unify access to wired and wireless

HP’s converged campus tools offer a seamless end-user experience, plus dynamic network resource orchestration.

Converged Campus

Intelligent Management Center

Solving business challenges with IMC

Mobility management

Unify management of heterogeneous, wired and wireless management to streamline network operations. Ensure a consistent user experience with wireless spectrum analysis troubleshooting all from within IMC.

Wireless Services Manager HP Unified Wired and Wireless Intelligent Management Center video


BYOD security policies extend beyond managing mobile devices. Keep the network secure with network access control integrated with mobile device posturing and quarantine compromised devices.

BYOD solution brochure IMC BYOD Brochure User Access Manager Endpoint Admission Defense HP Complete Unified BYOD video

Application Assurance

Application assurance starts with how applications are deployed. Ensuring application performance continues with unified monitoring of all application related components.

Application performance Manager Network Traffic Analyzer Service Health Manager VAN Connection Manager VAN Resource Automation Manager Application Availability Monitoring

Virtualized networking

With workloads moving constantly, gaining visibility of the darkest but most complex part of the network becomes increasingly important. IMC can help you gain visibility of virtual networks, traffic analytics and provision and automate workload polices to help you gain back lost efficiencies when moving virtualized networks.

VAN Brochure VAN Fabric Manager VAN Resource Automation Manager VAN SDN Manager

We were looking for a holistic approach to managing all these remote devices, as well as our edge and network closet devices. With IMC, we can implement global changes from a single source, without touching each individual device.”

Tom Boxrud
United Laboratories Global IT Director

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Which IMC base platform is right for you?

The IMC base platform delivers comprehensive Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance and Security (FCAPS) functionality required for heterogenous, large network environments. There are 3 platforms that are designed for different sized networks, Standard, Enterprise and Basic.

IMC Standard

  • Full FCAPS support
  • Includes 50 device license and scales to 15,000 devices
  • Modular
IMC Standard platform

IMC Enterprise

  • Full FCAPS
  • Includes 50 device license and expands beyond 15,000 devices with a hierarchical architecture
  • Hierarchical model support
  • Includes NTA module and eAPI license
  • Modular
IMC Enterprise platform

IMC Basic

  • Fault, config, and performance
  • Comes in two versions – wired only and wired and wireless
  • Supports up to 50 wired devices devices
  • Unified wired and wireless version includes 50 AP license, which is expandable
  • Limited support for virtual networks
IMC Basic platform IMC Basic WLAN platform IMC Basic Solution Brief


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Intelligent Management Center Overview

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