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Community Enterprise Linux (CentOS, Alma Linux, Rocky Linux)
Community Enterprise Linux (CEL) Distributions are supported by the Open Source community. Commercial software support may be purchased from third party providers.
  • HPE provides Management Component Packs for CEL which contain: Agentless Management Service (amsd), Smart Storage Administrator (SSA), Smart Storage Administrator (ssacli), Smart Storage Administrator Diagnostic Utility (ssaducli), MegaRAID Storage Administrator (storcli), iLO Configuration Utility (hponcfg). See the HPE Linux Software Delivery Repository.
  • The RESTful Interface Tool (iLOREST) is available at the iLOREST repository.
  • HPE provides support for the hardware and offline firmware updates for HPE servers installed with CEL Distributions.
  • HPE maintains a forum in which customers can discuss Linux issues, find answers, share knowledge and discuss solutions in the HPE Servers and Operating Systems - Linux Community Forums.
  • HPE does not release driver updates for CEL Distributions. Customers using CEL Distributions should confirm that the drivers they need are in the CEL distribution.
  • HPE Servers certified with Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) are known to work with Community Enterprise Linux Derivatives.