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Support and Certification Matrix
Because it is a community-supported environment, there are limitations to the support HPE can offer our CentOS customers.
  • HPE provides Management Component Packs for CentOS that contain: Agentless Management Service (amsd), Smart Storage Administrator (ssacli), Smart Storage Administrator Diagnostic Utility(ssadu), iLO Configuration Utility (hponcfg). See the HPE Linux Software Delivery Repository.
  • HPE provides support for the hardware and offline firmware updates for HPE servers installed with CentOS
  • HPE maintains a forum in which customers can discuss Linux issues, find answers, share knowledge and discuss solutions in the HPE Servers and Operating Systems - Linux Community Forums.
  • HPE is unable to certify CentOS on any of our servers as there is no official certification test suite for CentOS
  • HPE does not release driver updates for CentOS. Customers using CentOS should confirm that the drivers they need are in the CentOS distribution.
  • HPE utilities and tools that work on other versions of Linux are not guaranteed to function the same on CentOS