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The Online Configurator enables you to quickly and easily create quotations of networking products using your web browser (Internet Explorer and Firefox supported). Quotation files can be saved locally to your hard drive and can be exported in several formats including Excel.

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Five main areas of the configurator

Main interface for the configurator
  1. Toolbar
    • New: Create a new quotation file.
    • Open: Open a previously saved quotation file.
    • Save: Save the current quotation file. If you have trouble saving or opening from your local directory, be sure to add http://* to your Trusted Sites list.
    • Export: When you are ready to export, click the Export button, provide a file name, and select the export format under "Save as type" (Microsoft Excel, HPE IFF format, tab delimited, comma separated, or raw XML).
    • Support Services: Open the Support Services interface to configure and add Support Services for products in the product list.
    • Product Selector: Provide quick access to all product selectors where you can choose and filter products, compare details, and add them to your quote.
  2. Product List: Contains a list of products added from the product catalog. Select a product from the list to display and configure its options. You can also modify the quantity of the selected item by clicking on the quantity multiplier column.
  3. Configuration Properties: A multi-tabbed window that gives you quick access to all the configurable options for the selected product.
  4. Product View: A display of the product as it is configured.
  5. Quotation: A combined list of all the unique parts that make up the product configurations in your product list. The Quotation contains a bill of materials of all the parts that make up the configured products in your Product List.

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Minimizing quotation and product view areas

Some complex products, like modular switches have many options. You can increase the size of the Configuration area by minimizing the Quotation and/or Product View areas. To do so, click the  Right and down arrows  found just below the Product View window. Click again to restore the original positions.

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Product List

Add Product interface screenshot

Click the "Add" button to show the Product Catalog where you can browse and select a product or product family. There is also a Search tab that allows you to search for products without browsing the catalog.Select a product and click "OK." The product is added to the Product List for further configuration.

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Configuration properties

The Configuration Properties area displays all the configurable options for the product that is currently selected in the Product List. Tabbed windows are used to group common options.

Special configuration property tabs:

  • Accessories: Contains ancillary options like mounting brackets and power injectors.
  • Spares: Contains spare parts.
  • Attributes: Lists various physical properties of the product as it is configured. Weight and power consumption totals are calculated dynamically to include modular hardware such as power supplies, modules and mini-GBICs.

Extended configuration of modular switches

Dropdown screenshot

If you add a module to a modular switch, a dropdown list appears just above the tabs. You can further configure each module by selecting it from the dropdown list.

Extended info

Extended info screenshot

Some options display the icon indicating that extended information is available. Click the to show information that will guide and help you make informed choices.

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Product View

Product view screenshot

The Product View dynamically changes to display the front and rear views of the product as configured. To see a more detailed view, click the "Chassis View" icon.

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Support Services

Available Support Services will be displayed in a table for all products in your quote. To add a care pack for a product, tick the appropriate checkbox in the product's row. Some Support Services may become unavailable or change based upon your selections. For example, if you select an individual hardware or software care pack, and then select a combo care pack, the individual Support Services will be replaced.

Checking the "Not Needed" box has the same effect as not selecting any services for a particular row; it indicates that services were considered and determined as not needed.

Various options are also available when you right click on the Support Services interface. Click the button on the top right to close the Support Services interface and return to the main window.

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Product Selectors

Launch the product selector by clicking on the toolbar button. The top half of the selector window contains criteria from which to narrow your choices. The bottom half of the window contains the results.

To add an item to your quote, click to highlight the item, then click "Add Selected Product" button. To view and compare details of one or more items, check the box next to the items and click the "Compare" button. Click the "Reset" button to clear all selections and start over.

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Launching the HPE Networking Online Configurator

For Internet Explorer

The steps below only apply to your initial visit. The next time you launch the configurator, it will automatically start for you.

The first time you launch the configurator you will be asked to download the from Intangi Inc. The Internet Explorer Information bar will display the following message. Click on the Information bar and select "Install Active X control..."

Click Install when prompted to do so.

The configurator will then display and be ready for your input.

For Firefox

While using Firefox, the configurator requires the IE Tab plugin to be installed and enabled. To install the plugin, click here. Once the plugin installation is complete, please restart Firefox.

If you've already installed the plugin, you can make sure it is enabled by:

  • Opening the Firefox Add-ons window
    • Choose "Tools"
    • Then "Add-ons"
  • Locate IE Tab in the list of installed plugins, and click the button if it says 'Enable'.
  • A button labeled 'Disable' means the plugin is enabled.

Refer to the Internet Explorer steps above once the IE Tab plugin is installed.

Notes: We recommend that users add "http://*" to their trusted sites in order to easily save/open/export quotations files in their local directory.

Other browsers

Only Internet Explorer and Firefox are supported at this time.

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Contact us

Do you have a question about the configurator? Please send us an email at

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