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Drives are not recognized


  1. Be sure no power problems exist.
  2. Be sure no loose connections exist.
  3. Check to see if an update is available for any of the following:
    • Smart Array Controller firmware
    • Dynamic Smart Array driver
    • Host bus adapter firmware
    • Expander backplane SEP firmware
    • System ROM
  4. Be sure the drive or backplane is cabled properly.
  5. Check the drive LEDs to be sure they indicate normal function. For information on drive LEDs, see "Drive LED definitions." For server-specific drive LED information, see the server documentation or the HP website.
  6. Be sure the drive is supported. To determine drive support, see the server QuickSpecs on the HP website.
  7. Power cycle the server. If the drive appears, check to see if the drive firmware needs to be updated.
  8. Be sure the drive bay is not defective by installing the hard drive in another bay.
  9. When the drive is a replacement drive on an array controller, be sure that the drive is the same type and of the same or larger capacity than the original drive.
  10. Run HP Insight Diagnostics. Then, replace failed components as indicated.
  11. When using an array controller, be sure the drive is configured in an array. Run ACU.
  12. Be sure that the correct controller drivers are installed, and that the controller supports the hard drives being installed.
  13. If the controller supports Smart Array Advanced Pack (SAAP) license keys and the configuration is dual domain, be sure the SAAP license key is installed. For more information, see the HP website.
  14. If SAS expanders are used, be sure the Smart Array controller contains a cache module.
  15. If a storage enclosure is used, be sure the storage enclosure is powered on.
  16. If a SAS switch is used, be sure disks are zoned to the server using the Virtual SAS Manager.
  17. For the HP Dynamic Smart Array B320i RAID controller to support SAS hard drives, be sure to install the SAS license key. For more information, see the HP website.

    IMPORTANT: The HP Dynamic Smart Array B120i RAID controller and the AHCI do not support SAS hard drives.

  18. If the HP Dynamic Smart Array B320i RAID controller or the HP Dynamic Smart Array B120i RAID controller is installed on the server, be sure that RAID mode is enabled in RBSU.