HP provides an integrated development environment (IDE) based on Eclipse™, a popular GUI-based IDE developed by the Eclipse Foundation, called NonStop Development Environment for Eclipse (NSDEE). HP provides compilers to build HP NonStop software on HP Integrity NonStop servers, and PC-based cross compilers to build NonStop software on PCs, either through command line or integrated into NSDEE.

For application debugging, apart from providing debugging capabilities in NSDEE, HP provides a powerful PC-based debugging tool called Visual Inspect, with rich GUI features, and host-based debugging tools called Inspect and Native Inspect. Inspect can be used to debug emulated TNS processes on a TNS/E system (HP Integrity NonStop server), whereas Native Inspect, which provides a similar command set as GNU Debugger, and can be used to debug native TNS/E programs on TNS/E systems. For improving the quality and runtime performance of your code, HP provides code coverage and code profiling utilities.

The above suite of products, consisting of a modern development environment and a choice of build, debug, and optimization tools, helps the HP NonStop development community enhance productivity and develop high-quality applications.