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HP servers power the compute requirements of customers of all sizes around the world, from the top stock exchanges to the neighborhood travel agency, and everywhere in between. All of these customers have one thing in common– regardless of the size of their IT infrastructure – and that is the need for it to be fast to setup, easy to operate, control and support, economical when it comes to space and energy, all while keeping a cap on IT costs. That is exactly why HP provides a comprehensive set of server management capabilities specifically designed to manage the lifecycle for the HP Server portfolio – from towers, to racks to blades. We call it HP Server Management.

In addition to providing server administrators with the tools to drive day-to-day operations, HP Server management offers out-of-the-box integration with leading enterprise management solutions from HP, VMware, Microsoft and RedHat, with altogether over 65 points of integration that help eliminate complexity and enable a “single pane of glass” experience.

HP Server Management is architected to include an open, industry-standard API architecture (REST APIs) that enables IT staff to quickly and securely customize server configuration and provisioning, and at the same time provide a common interface for integration to HP Helion and cloud ecosystems like OpenStack.

In short, HP Server Management is an agile infrastructure management solution for accelerating IT service delivery and support. Delivering three core capabilities:

  • HP OneView. A software-defined, converged management platform that automates the approach to on-site infrastructure provisioning at enterprise-class datacenters
  • HP Insight Online. A support automation tool, with the ease and simplicity of the cloud that helps customers quickly and efficiently diagnose, monitor and resolve support issues.
  • HP Embedded Management. An essential collection of embedded management and scripting tools that are provided with every HP Server to help increase server administrator productivity.

And don’t just take our word for it, our customers and the industry watchers agree that HP management delivers useful innovation that lowers the time, complexity and cost of everyday infrastructure management. For example:

  • HP has shipped over 9 million copies of our infrastructure management.
  • HP server management has been recognized by the industry as innovative and breakthrough – see the award from Frost & Sullivan
  • HP Partners praise the benefits of HP management in helping them efficiently support our mutual customers.

Time is money… As a global provider of business and entertainment gaming-solutions, we need make sure our systems are set up for our customers as fast as possible. We’re excited about the software advantages of these new HP ProLiant Gen9 servers with UEFI and Intelligent Provisioning…. We effectively reduced server deployment time by 30%.
-Mike Owens, Manager, IT Lab Services, Bally Technologies

The companies I work with find that Insight Online is one of the biggest advantages of HP remote management tools. Customers like the idea of being able to see the status of their HP system from anywhere.
-Mikael Christenson, senior consultant, ATEA

With remote management tools like HP Insight Online, we have reduced our time spent supporting our infrastructure and minimized our unplanned downtime by 80%. Being able to see the status of our systems from anywhere gives us the peace of mind to focus our resources on driving business by creating our next big game.
-Hoang Minh Chinh, CTO Sgame

Simply put, our goal is to build the best managed servers in the industry.

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HP Products and Solutions

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HP Server Management products

Comprehensive offerings for companies and workloads of all sizes
By providing a comprehensive set of management offerings—purposely designed and packaged for small and large companies—HP can meet your management needs at every stage of the server lifecycle. HP offers server management solutions suited for specific customer types and requirements.

Support Management –comprehensive online IT support management for servers, storage, and networking devices

  • HP Insight Online- a simplified, online dashboard for infrastructure health monitoring and support management

Converged Management –infrastructure management designed for medium-sized and enterprise data centers

  • HP OneView- converged management for automation simplicity across HP servers, storage and networking
  • HP Insight Control- server management software for provisioning, managing and optimizing your HP ProLiant servers
  • HP Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager- provides a central console to rapidly deploy and move server connections and manage group-based configurations

Embedded Management – A set of essential yet powerful server management capabilities, embedded on the server, that increase administrator productivity

High Availability - protect critical applications from planned and unplanned downtime by monitoring availability, services and databases over any distance

Hyperscale and Service Provider - advanced solutions enable cost-effective, user-friendly, error-free management of high-performance clusters and massive scale-out compute environments

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Evaluation licenses

HP Insight Management customers

Learn about a few of the many delighted customers using HP Insight Management.

“  We wanted to enable Dedicated Physical Server orchestration through our Cloud portal and for the same tested the provisioning capability of the new HP 'Insight Control Server' in beta-environment. ” Read more

Gaurav Agarwal

Product Head, Cloud Services

Customer case studies

Read more customer success stories

More HP server case studies

Watch as John Schmitz, Group Product Line Manager, discusses how you can manage your servers with HP Insight Management products

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Manage your HP server while
reducing energy cost with Insight Control.

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Access your IT infrastructure anytime,
anywhere with Insight Online.

HP Insight Control server provisioning for Microsoft System Center Windows Server 2012


Simplify and reduce server provisioning
task using HP Insight Control server provisioning.

HP Insight Control System for Microsoft System Center


Simplify your technology environment
and advance your move to the cloud
with Insight Control for Microsoft System Center.

Evaluate HP Server Management products

HP Server Management is a complete suite of server lifecycle management capabilities that can flexibly operate from embedded on-system utilities, on-premises management for large scale environments and now even from the cloud with HP Insight Online.

If you want to evaluate an Insight Management product - before buying it - then register below to receive up to ten (10) Insight Management Evaluation Licenses - and use them for the next 60 days, at absolutely no cost to you.

How to get started

  • Select the HP Server Management products you would like to evaluate
  • Select up to ten (10) evaluation licenses for each product
  • Follow the instructions to download the software

Evaluate HP Server Management for 60 days at no cost

Evaluate these HP Server Management products at no cost

HP Licenses Types:

HP offers licenses to provide additional HP server management functionality and get a greater value of your server. Licenses are available for:

  1. HP OneView
  2. HP Integrated Lights-Out (HP iLO)
  3. HP Insight Control

How are licenses sold?

For purchase of single server license

(ships bundled or standalone) - Single License Server The single license server provides one entitlement which is redeemed for a single key for installation and instructions on how to register and redeem that entitlement. Single licenses are delivered physically or electronically. In case of physical delivery, the entitlement certificate is shipped to you as a physical deliverable. In case of electronic delivery, the entitlement certificate is emailed to you. The single license pack is appropriate for customers who:

  • Need licenses whenever individual ProLiant servers are purchased
  • Purchase a few ProLiant servers at a time
  • Own a few existing ProLiant servers for which the software is needed
  • Can only accept separate license entitlement certificates based on their current business operations and IT administration workloads

Electronic License Delivery

(ships bundled or standalone) - Electronic License Delivery HP offers electronic license-to-use (E-LTU) options for software products through most points of sale. At the time you place your order with HP, you must provide an e-mail address to which an electronic receipt is sent by HP. Within the receipt is a link where you access your license entitlement and complete the redemption process for your license activation keys for the number of licenses you ordered. Electronic license delivery is appropriate for customers who:

  • Need very fast order fulfillment
  • Prefer no physical packaging materials to dispose of
  • Prefer to manage their software assets in digital form
  • Otherwise qualify for the flexible quantity kit criteria below

For larger purchase of servers at once

Flexible Quantity License Flexible Quantity Licenses (FQLs) let you order multiple server licenses. A single software entitlement is shipped to you, redeemed for a single key that activates licensed features on multiple servers - the same number of servers from the order. For example, if an order is placed for a quantity of 10 flexible quantity licenses, a single entitlement is shipped providing one license key that enables the use of the license on 10 servers. The flexible quantity license is appropriate for customers who:

  • Are unable to take advantage of electronic license delivery
  • Need to do a one-time purchase of a licenses for their current ProLiant installed base
  • Purchase quantities of new ProLiant servers and need an equivalent number of software licenses to match the amount of servers purchased
  • Want to curtail the number of license activation keys in use
  • Want to minimize physical deliverables: need a single license key per quantity of licenses purchased at any given time

For larger purchase of servers over a given timeframe

Tracking License - Pay as you go Volume Licensing (AKA) Hassle free volume-licensing program, based on Activation Key Agreement (AKA) with one master key across your entire installed base to eliminate maintenance of multiple keys, handled on a contract basis. AKA is appropriate for customers who:

  • Plan a volume purchase of licenses over time, typically in conjunction with new ProLiant servers that are acquired on a regular basis
  • Desire simple software licensing: one key per product for all licenses subsequently purchased over time
  • Want the least amount of physical deliverables: there are no deliverables associated with the tracking licenses
  • Want to add licenses as a line item to standard ProLiant configurations purchased regularly from HP or HP partners or wanting to add license to existing ProLiant sales contracts with HP.

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Licensing terms and conditions

HP Licenses have the following summarized terms and conditions for use. HP Licensed are 'per physical system'. (E.g. Ten physical servers would require ten Insight Control licenses, but one physical server with ten virtual machines only requires one Insight Control license.) License activation of a product for its intended target system is typically accomplished by entering a 25-digit license activation key. Once you activate your production software license, it's good for the life of the target system (i.e. a perpetual license). You may not transfer the activated product and license from one target to another. Product upgrades and updates are included in the HP Technical Support & Updates. The term of the support and updates can be extended to 3-, 4-, or 5-years by purchasing the appropriate Care Pack from HP.

After purchase, product registration is required to obtain the applicable license activation keys. More information is available here. Refer to the product End User License Agreement (EULA) included with your software for specific license terms and conditions for more information or contact your sales representative or reseller for more information.


HP Insight Control Overview


HP Insight Control for Microsoft System Center


HP Insight Online


HP Insight Control Server Provisioning + Windows Server 2012