Manufacturing produces results with Secure, Affordable, and
Easy-to-Administer networks

Manufacturers have a tough challenge: contain costs while keeping pace with ever-changing foreign and domestic demands; optimize and align internal resources; and keep in lockstep with the advances that your supply chain partners are making. You have to meet all of these objectives with cost containment and security in mind.

Such chaos can make it difficult for your IT teams to support productivity-enhancing technologies such as voice and video over IP and Web 2.0 to improve collaboration and productivity between your employees and vendors. Manufacturers face many challenges in their adoption of technology:

  • Optimize inventory controls, order management, and just-in-time supply chain applications.
  • Support real-time, audio and video conferencing.
  • Ensure security of intellectual property.

These problems are especially difficult to solve because you may have a combination of legacy and new applications running on disparate proprietary networks which causes 3 main challenges:

  • Interoperability
  • Visibility
  • Security

You need a secure, end-to-end enterprise architecture that can speed application deployment by eliminating technology silos, manual processes, and disparate management systems. You need an agile infrastructure that will help you compete in the global marketplace.

The HP FlexNetwork architecture enables you to design and build best-in-class networks that align with your company ecosystem and cost objectives-even as your priorities evolve. The HP FlexNetwork architecture is designed to scale on three dimensions-functionality, connectivity, and capacity-so that you can adapt your network services easily as your needs change.

HP's industry experience, demonstrated customer focus and innovative core-to-edge portfolio provide bold solutions for the major networking challenges facing today's manufacturing institutions. HP enterprise networking solutions are designed to help manufacturing organizations rapidly deploy new services and enhance user connectivity and productivity; helping them achieve IT and business agility and continuity to better serve their customers. HP's unique ability to build a high performance, resilient, energy-efficient, secure, and flexible network enables support for real-time collaboration and access to business and manufacturing intelligence and drives enhanced agility, while reducing complexity and operational costs.

Unified management Multilayer Security Intelligent
Converged Infrastructure
Mission-Critical Access

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