Cannot deploy from the UEFI Shell script


You attempted to deploy an OS using the UEFI Shell script and you see an error message that the deployment failed.


Configuration settings are not correct.

  1. Verify the following.
    1. The Embedded UEFI Shell interface is added to the UEFI Boot Order list or the One-Time Boot Menu.
    2. When added to the UEFI Boot Order list, the Embedded UEFI Shell interface is the first boot option in the UEFI Boot Order list so that it overrides other boot options to load.
    3. UEFI Shell Script Auto-Start is enabled.
    4. The correct startup.nsh script file location in attached media or a network location is specified. If it is in attached media, the startup.nshscript must be either inside the fsX:\ or the fsX:\efi\boot\ directory.
    5. The .nsh script only contains supported commands.
    6. Your system has enough RAM memory to create RAM disks during automated script execution.
    7. Any OS boot loader or diagnostics application launched using the .nsh script is supported to run in UEFI the environment.
  2. Try the deployment again.