Navigating the System Utilities

  1. Launch the System Utilities and do one of the following.
    1. To navigate through the screens and modify settings, press any of the navigational keys. Key functions are shown at the bottom of every System Utilities screen.
    2. To access the mobile online help, scan the QR code on the bottom of the System Utilities screen with your mobile device.
  2. To exit the System Utilities screen and reboot the server, press Esc until the main menu is displayed, and then select one of the following options:
    1. Exit and resume boot—Exits the system and continues the normal boot process. The system continues through the boot order list and launches the first bootable option in the system.
    2. Reboot the System—Exits the system and reboots the system without continuing the normal boot process.

    The screen displays the boot process, and the POST screen appears. Toward the end of the boot process, the boot options screen is displayed. It is visible for several seconds before the system attempts to boot from a supported boot device.