Launching the System Utilities

  1. Optional: If you access the server remotely, start an iLO remote console session.
    1. Open a browser and enter https://<iLO host name or IP address> to log on to the iLO web interface.
    2. On the login page, do one of the following:
      • Enter a directory or local user account name and password, and click Log In.

      • Click the HPE Zero Sign In button. This button is displayed when iLO is configured for Kerberos network authentication.

    3. Navigate to the Remote Console > Remote Console page.
    4. Verify that your system meets the requirements for using the remote console application you want to use.
    5. Click the launch button for your selected application.

      Alternatively, you can click an Integrated Remote Console link on the Overview page.

  2. Restart or power on the server.

    The server restarts and the POST screen appears.

  3. Press F9.

    The System Utilities screen appears.