Setting the Power Regulator mode


Power Profile is set to Custom.

  1. From the System Utilities screen, select System Configuration > BIOS/Platform Configuration (RBSU) > Power Management > Power Regulator and press Enter.
  2. Select a setting and press Enter.
    1. Dynamic Power Savings Mode—Automatically varies processor speed and power usage based on processor utilization. This mode uses an ROM-based algorithm to monitor processor activity. It can reduce overall power consumption with little or no impact to performance, and does not require OS support.
    2. Static Low Power Mode—Reduces processor speed and power usage. Guarantees a lower maximum power usage for the system. This mode is useful in environments where power availability is constrained and it is critical to lower the maximum power use of the system.
    3. Static High Performance Mode—Processors run in the maximum power and performance state, regardless of the OS power management policy. This mode is useful in environments where performance is critical and power consumption is less important.
    4. OS Control Mode—Processors run in their maximum power and performance state at all times, unless the OS enables a power management policy.
  3. Press F10.