The UEFI System Utilities is embedded in the system ROM. Its features enable you to perform a wide range of configuration activities, including:

  • Configuring system devices and installed options.

  • Enabling and disabling system features.

  • Displaying system information.

  • Selecting the primary boot controller or partition.

  • Configuring memory options.

  • Launching other pre-boot environments.

HPE servers with UEFI can provide:
  • Support for boot partitions larger than 2.2 TB. Such configurations could previously only be used for boot drives when using RAID solutions.

  • Secure Boot that enables the system firmware, option card firmware, operating systems, and software collaborate to enhance platform security.

  • An Embedded UEFI Shell that provides a pre-boot environment for running scripts and tools.

  • Boot support for option cards that only support a UEFI option ROM.